In order to promote Iranian philately and build trust in the philatelic market, The Iran Philatelic Study Circle Expertizing Service (IPSC-EXP) offers opinions on the genuineness of Iranian philatelic material at moderate cost. You can view the IPSC-EXP Articles of Operations here.

For added security, all certificates issued can be verified at IPSC Certification section.

Every reasonable care is taken of items sent in for examination, but they are accepted only on the basis that you have accepted our conditions.

Terms of Service 

  1. The Committee shall be at liberty at its sole discretion to forward any items received by them to any expert for examination.
  2. The IPSC Expertizing Committee certificates provide the opinions of its member(s) or other knowledgeable collectors and professional consultants. However, IPSC and its Expertizing Committee do not guarantee the accuracy of any opinion expressed by its Expert Committee regarding any item submitted for authentication and disclaims any liability whatsoever for any loss, damage or injuries allegedly suffered as a result of any opinion issued by the Expert Committee.
  3. The Committe and its members shall not be in any way liable to the owners or any other person interested for loss or damage to the item(s).
  4. Items will be photocopied, photographed and may be subject to Ultra-Violet and/or Infra-Red light during examination.
  5. Requests for the market or net value of an item will not be accepted.
  6. Since the meaning of the terms “superb”, “very fine”, etc., are debatable, no opinion as to centering will be given. Defects and alterations not readily apparent will be noted.
  7. IPSC does not sign, mark or encapsulate items nor do we assign numerical grading as part of our services.
  8. Items submitted will be returned as soon after examination as possible. However; The IPSC shall in no way be liable for any delay in returning items or for any delay or failure of the Postal Service, FedEx or other private carrier in making delivery of same.
  9. The IPSC reserves the right to make changes without notice to the rules and requirements as they deem necessary, but such changes will be announced as soon as possible.
  10. The request for an examination constitutes an acceptance by the owner of all rules and requirements of the IPSC Expertizing Service.

Submission process

Please complete and include the Application for Certificate form with your submissions.

Items should be sent to the regional representatives of IPSC Expert Committee. Please contact the representative prior to sending your material. The owner is responsible for all shipping and insurance costs.

Please note there is a maximum number of 20 items per submission. Also if you are submitting to the Committee for the first time, it is recommended that you submit only one or two items to ensure knowledge of and satisfaction with our process.

North America

Behruz Nassre
1819 Polk Street
PMB 173
San Francisco, CA 94109

Europe (and rest of the world)

Nezam Ansari
Negozio Tappeti sul strada
Via Borfuro 2
24122 Bergamo - Italy 


Ali Shirzad
Sahravardi Street
No 566, 1st floor, unit 3
postal code 1557765534
Tehran, Iran
Tel: +98 912 622 0891 

Javad Badihi
P.O Box 81465-945
Tel:+98 93 98 98 98 08 


Once the certification process is completed, an invoice will be send to the owner. Payment in full is required prior to returning the item. The opinions of the Expert Committee will be charged on the following scale which will apply to each item submitted for examination. Value is based on the latest Scott Catalogue. Where no catalogue value is given or for covers, lettersheets, multiples or premium pieces, the charges will be at the discretion of the Committee.

Outside of Iran

All IPSC members outside of Iran who are not part of the philatelic trade will recieve a 50% discount. 


Under $1000

 Over $1000

Single Stamp



Complete Set



Covers & Documents





We will use the fixed rate of 50,000 Rials to $1 USD to calculate the cost for any item submitted in Iran.  

Sample Certificate