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A. General Philatelic Articles on Iran

A.1 The Stamps of Persia, Brig. H.L. Lewis, softback, 136pp
A.2 Forbin’s Fiscal Catalogue (c.1915) Persia pages (2pp)
A.3 Catalogue of Revenue Stamps 1886-2000, 176pp, softback, in Farsi
A.4 The Stamp Collectors Record, November 1865, May 1876, October 1876 (copies)
A.5 Serrane Guide, Persia (1868-1902), American Philatelist
A.6 Notes on the Stamps of Persia, H. Ford, The Stamp Collector pp.3-6, 17-19 (period 1868-1909)
A.7 Translation of the German Official Records relating to the Persian Posts etc (1874-1912), E.W. Arnold
A.8 Persia, The stamps of the reign of Muhammad Ali Shah and Sultan Ahmad Shah, Napier, London Philatelist, 1921, (14pp)
A.9 Persia, H.R. Oldfield, London Philatelist, (year?) (6pp)
A.10 Persia, R.W. Gray, London Philatelist, 1920-1922, (6pp)
A.11 The Troubles of a P.M.G. (notes on conversations with M. Camille Molitor), Napier, London Philatelist, 1942 vol 51, p.69 et seq.
A.12 The Perso-Arabic Script, Article in Gibbons Stamp Monthly, August 1946
A.13 A Sea Post Office, G. Ward, Article in Gibbons, 1946 (2pp)
A.14 Introducing Iran, Eric Glasgow, Gibbons Stamp Monthly, Dec. 1947, pp.36-37. General article on the country and stamps
A.15 Persia and her Post through the Ages, Janetta Cohen, Stamp Collecting, 9th November 1951, pp. 231, 233 (Issues of 1870, 1875-79, 1881-2, 1885-7, 1902, 1922, 1935, 1950. Brief Notes)
A.16 Persia and Her Postal Systems, The Philatelic Side of Persia, Mrs J. Cohen, Holy Land and Middle East Philatelic Magazine, Jan 1957, pp.14-15, March 1957, p.50, April 1957 p.59 (Issues of 1868-1882, 1935-48: Brief Notes)
A.17 Persia Paves the Way for Colour Identification, Stamp Collecting, March 1958
A.18 Persia, M. Dadkhah, Article in London Philatelist, October-November 1963, (10pp)
A.19 Russia: Covers and Cancellations 1773-1923, A.H. Wortman, Article in London Philatelist, 1964
A.20 Persia 1905-1925, James A. Mackay, The Stamp Magazine, July 1966, pp.449-450, 452. General Notes
A.21 Cinderella, Harry F. Rookes, Stamps 25th June 1966, pp.698-99. Unissued stamps
A.22 A Stamp Collector’s Notebook, Eric Glasgow, Gibbons Stamp Monthly, Dec. 1967/Jan 1968, Vol 2 No. 4, General article on the country and stamps
A.23 Early Days in Persia, W. Dennis Way, Stamp Collecting 30th May 1968, p.809, 17th Century correspondence
A.24 Persian Rebellions and Stamp Shortages, Napier, London Philatelist, March 1968, (14pp)
A.25 Persia: a Survey, E.P. Anderson, Article in SPA Journal, July 1970
A.26 Shopping for Stamps in Iran, Article in Stamp Collecting, December 1976
A.27 Stamps and the Land of the Shahs, Article in Gibbons Stamp Monthly, July 1976
A.28 The Postal Facilities of the UN Disengagement Force (UNDOF), J.L. Emmenegger, Article in Postal History International, April 1977
A.29 Return to Iran, A. Randall Jones, Stamp Collecting, November 1978
A.30 Persia Varieties 1879-1922 and their background, J. Schneider, The Philatelist, September 1979
A.31 The Stamps of Iran as an Instrument of Iconographical Propaganda 1868-1979, Internet article, R. Siebertz, (7pp)
A.32 A Postcard from Persia, D.R. Gwynn, article in Stamp Collecting, August 1980
A.33 Persia Iran, Bernard Lucas, Philately, March 1981, Iran Special Issue
A.34 Irritating Iran, S. Showalter, Stamp World, February 1982
A.35 Persia: Postal History Outlines, G. Migliavacca, The American Philatelist, October 1983
A.36 Cursores: ditto
A.37 Persian Stamps, Paper read to Royal Philatelic Society of London, Samad Khorshid, 1984
A.38 Stamps of Blood, article in The American Philatelist, June 1987. (12pp. article about post-revolutionary Iranian stamps)
A.39 The Power that was Persia, Stamps, August 1988
A.40 The Post Must Go Through! K.R. Lake, Gibbons Stamp Monthly, August 1988
A.41 Iran Post Company, Issued stamps in 1373 (1p)
A.42 Iran Post Company, Issued stamps in 1374 (1p)
A.43 Iran Post Company, Post in Iran (booklet, c.1991)
A.44 Iranian Postal Service 1994, Iran Post Company
A.45 Early letters From the Persian Gulf, P.H.G. Clarke, India Post, 1996, (3pp)
A.46 Snippets from the Archives, M. Graham, India post, 1996,
A.47 Queries & Answers (Rates from Batavia to Bushire)India Post, 1996,
A.48 Chagai Local Post, D. Padgham,India Post, 1996,
A.49 En postal odysee genom persisk historia (in Swedish) SFT, March 1999, B. Sohrne, (4pp)
A.50 Tambr Monthly Magazine, April 2000, Vol 1 No. 1, mostly in Farsi
A.51 Page from London Philatelist, May 2000, 109:103, re Mirza Hadi, by Bernard Lucas
A.52 Iran Offers Fascinating Collecting Opportunities (Source?) (4 pp. article)
A.53 Iran or Persia? Farsi or Persian?, Pejman Akbarzadeh, Iran Press Service, (4pp. article)
A.54 Chapter XV The Post Office in Mesopotamia and the Persian Gulf (Source?) (4pp)
A.55 The Sacred Talismanic Number (B’duh), E.C.W.Stagg, (Source?) (6pp)
A.56 The Original Stamp Amateurs Society, Nos. 1 –5 (in Farsi)
A.57 Sea Post Office, Aden, Stamp News (Year?) (1pp)
A.58 List of Articles on Persia in the Philatelic Journal of Great Britain (4pp)
A.59 Newsletters of the American Chapter of IPSC, February 1984 to September 1998

C. Articles on specific issues or subjects

C.1 Les émissions persanes au premier type (1868-78), R. Poncelet, Le Philateliste Belge, (in French)–
      No. 108, Sept. 1930, pp.179-186,
      No. 109 Oct. 1930, pp.198-203,
      No. 110 Nov. 1930, pp.213-218,
      No. 111 Dec. 1930, pp.235-240,
      No. 112 Jan. 1931, pp.3-8,
      No. 113 Feb. 1931, pp.31-33
C.2 Les Premiers Timbres d’Iran, J. Morin, Documentes Philatelique No. 71, 1st Quarter 1977, pp.9-11. The Lion die from the Trotin Family (in French)
C.3 The Lion Classics of Iran (Persia), a paper read by Edward Joseph at the Royal Philatelic Society, London, 7th October 1976 (4pp)
C.4 Notes on the First Persian Postage Stamps, Jules Bouvez (source, unknown, but early) (3pp)
C.5 Persia. Notes on the Lion Issues of 1868-79, Dr Erivan, Stamp Lover, July 1980
C.6 Lion Stamps of Persia, Dr. M. Dadkhah
C.7 The First Lion and Sun Stamps, Dr F. Abdoli Fard, 184pp. hardback, in Farsi
C.8 Article on Lion Stamps, A. Zonneveld in Al Barid, 1998 (5pp) (in Dutch)
C.9 Postal Stationery of Persia, E.P. Anderson, covers 1877-1954, (13pp)
C.10 The Meched Provisional Issue, Mrs J. Cohen, The Holy Land and Middle East Philatelic Magazine, May-June 1958, p.382
C.11 A History of the Stamps of Persia, Oldfield, Napier et al., Philatelic Journal of Great Britain, November 1928
C.12 A History of the Stamps of Persia, Oldfield, Napier, Arnold, Goodfellow and Dorning-Beckton, Philateic Journal of Great Britain, Dec 1928, Book II, pp.238-43, The first Type-Set Issue of 1902
C.13 A History of the Stamps of Persia, Oldfield, Napier, Arnold, Goodfellow and Dorning-Beckton, Philatelic Journal of Great Britain, Feb 1930, Book II, p.32, The Provisoire Overprint 1902
C.14 Persia, Brig.-Gen. W. Dickson, Stanley Gibbons Monthly Circular, July 1923, pp. 339-241. Notes on “Controle” surcharges
C.15 The Persian Northwest, Robert C. Dengin, The American Philatelist, August 1958, pp. 799-803. Provisoire 1319, 1906 1 Chai, 2 Chais, 1906 typeset, rebellion issues
C.16 An Experimental Issue of Persia, Eric P. Anderson, The Baltimore Philatelist, Vol XXIII, No. 4 (191), December 1970: The Relais overprint
C.17 Persian Problems, Gibbons’ Stamp Monthly, Sept. 1942, p.4. 1910 surcharges, Imprimes, registration labels, Relais, rebellions and Benaders
C.18 A Gorgeous Gallery of Persian Commemoratives, J.J. Klemann, Stamp Collecting, January 1924, pp. 387-8, 390. The Abortive Coronation Issue
C.19 Iran, Mrs J. Cohen, The Holy Land and Middle East Philatelic Magazine, 1957, p.307, The Coronation Issue of 1915
C.20 German Fieldpost (date?) Part V Fieldposts During the World War 1914-18, C Persian Theatre (1 page)
C.21 Notes on the Persian 1919 Surcharges, Ronald. H. Douglas, The Stamp Lover, January 1930, pp. 237-38
C.22 Persia: Some Notes on the 1919 Provisoire Issue, Brig. H.L. Lewis OBE, The Philatelist, June 1971, pp. 276-77
C.23 Persia: The Provisional Issues of 1919, 1924 and 1925, Ronald. H. Douglas, Philatelic Journal of Great Britain, May, June and August, 1936, pp. 76-79, 96, 97, 133
C.24 Some Varieties in the Post-War Issues of Iran, Gibbons’ Stamp Monthly, Oct. 1938, p.17, 1919,1924, 1925 Provisoire issues, 1922 Controle overprint
C.25 Persia: The Defaced Shah Ahmed and his Reign 1909-25, Janetta Cohen, Philatelic Journal of Great Britain, Vol LXVII Nos. 796-8, April-June 1957, pp. 21-25
C.26 Persia: A 1926 “Cover Up” Cover, Ira Seebacker, The Collectors Club Philatelist, Vol. 44 No. 6. notes on a cover with Ahmed Shah obliterated by paper (poor copy, will not copy)
C.27 WWII US APOs in Iran, Iraq and Ukraine, Article in Linn’s Stamp News, November 1992, (2pp)
C.28 The Ancient History of Persia, Mrs Janetta Cohen, Philatelic Journal of Great Britain, Vol. LXVI, Nos. 787-9, July-September 1956, pp. 47-50. The Monuments Protection Fund Issues 1948-54
C.29 Avicenna and the Shrines of Persia, Eric P. Anderson, S.P.A. Journal, June 1967, pp. 693-8, The Monuments Protection Fund Issues 1948-54
C.30 Rode-Kruisfilatelie, M. vand der Winden, Mijn Stok Paardje, June 1974, pp. 117-120, Red Lion and Sun Issues 1950-67 (in Dutch)
C.31 Persia’s Pahlavi Bridge Stamp Collecting, May 1966. The 1960 Khorramshahr Bridge issue, reprinted from the Persian Study Circle Bulletin No. 1
C.32 Persian Censorship, A Zonneveld, Articles in Al Barid, April 1997 (4pp); February 1998 (3pp) (in Dutch)
C.33 Revolutions, A Zonneveld, Article in Al Barid, February 1998 (15pp) (in Dutch)
C.34 The Revolutionary Stamps of Persia, Mrs J. Cohen, The Holy Land and Middle East Philatelic Magazine, 1957, p.212, Satta Khan 1908, Khiabani 1909, Ghilan 1920, Laristan 1909
C.35 Story Behind the Stamp. Iran New Year stamp 1965, Article in Minkus Stamp Journal Vol II No 1, 1967
C.36 Persian Interpostal Seals, L.W. Arnold, The Philatelic Magazine, March 1946 (1 page)
C.37 Kazerun and Kurdistan Overprints, A Comparison of Two Unlisted Issues, Eric P.
Anderson, American Philatelic Congress Yearbook, 1966, pp. 63-66
C.38 The Nairn Way, the Baghdad-Haifa Overland Desert Mail Route, A.H. Groten, The American Philatelist, March 1995
C.39 Baghdad-Haifa Overland Mail, Article in The Arab World Philatelist, Winter 1979
C.40 Dunsterforce and Norperforce, Eric P. Anderson, S.P.A. Journal, March 1963, pp. 367-72
C.41 The Famine Relief Stamps of Persia, Eric P. Anderson, S.P.A. Journal, August 1966, pp. 877-79
C.42 Bushire War Provisionals, 3pp. of brief notes from an unidentified magazine, probably The London Philatelist
C.43 Bushire Under British Occupation, Stamp Collecting, August 1941, p. 385
C.44 Bushire in Philatelic Retrospect, E.W. Arnold, Stamp Collecting, Oct 1946, p.127
C.45 Bushire-Under British Occupation, P. Kinns, (source, unknown, probably Gibbons Stamp Monthly) (1pp)
C.46 The British in Mesopotamia 1914-23, J.A. Williams, Stamp Collecting, January 1968, pp. 1061,3,5,7. Includes the Bushire overprints
C.47 The Early Postmarks of Persia, from 1875 to about 1909, Capt. W.E. James and C. Joslin Brooks, The London Philatelist, Vol LXI No. 721, Dec 1952, pp. 175-9
C.48 Post Offices Below the Mountain Shrine, Dr Gordon Ward, Gibbons’ Stamp Monthly, Sept 1947, p.7. Koh-Malik Siah Ziaret
C.49 UPU Specimen Stamps, James Bendon. Iran section (2pp)
C.50 Taxing Postcards, David Straight, Article in American Philatelist, July 2008 (3pp), includes part on Iran


D. Foreign Post Offices in Iran

D.1 British-Indian Stamps Used Abroad, W. Renouf, 1920. 16pp. dealing with Persia
D.2 Indian Stamps Used Abroad, Robson Lowe, Sept 1940, 8pp. dealing with Persia
D.3 India Used Abroad, Jal Cooper, Oct 1950, 26pp. dealing with Persia
D.4 Stamps of British India Used in Persia, article in American Philatelist, September 1962, C. Kmentt: (1pp)
D.5 British Post Offices in the Persian Gulf, W. Dennis Way, American Philatelist, May-June 1956 (13pp)
D.6 Indian Post Offices in East Persia, Col. D.R. Martin, Philatelic Magazine, July 1964, p.507
D.7 Stamps of the Russian Empire Used Abroad, S.D. Tchilinghirian and W.S.E. Stephen , Chapter XIII Persia


E. Airmail

E.1 Airmail Enterprise in Persia, Gertrude L. Collins, Philatelic Magazine, 29th Sept 1928, p.193 (1st, 2nd and 3rd routes)
E.2 Field’s Priced Catalogue of Air Mail Stamps and Airposts of the World, 1st Edn, 1932, pp.277-80 (period 1922-30), photocopy
E.3 Pioneer German Airmail (1929), article in German Postal Specialist, September 1979, G.W. Hoffmann, (1p)
E.4 Catalogue of Aerial Cachets (1968-1985), TAP Air Portugal
E.5 J. Brown, Article: Air Mail Postage Rates: The UK-Australia Experimental Flights, India Post, 1996, (2pp)
E.6 Airgraph and V. . .– Mail Catalogue, J. Stephen, photocopy
E.7 Iraqi Air Mail: A blast from the past, D.P. Masko, article in Global Stamp News, (1pp)
E.8 British Airmail to Bushire, Iran, T.P. Myers, Airpost Journal, February 2006.
E.9 A Time to Fly–Alan Cobham’s Pioneer Flights, J. Brown and B. Stokoe, article in Gibbons Stamp Monthly, July 2005, (4pp)
E.10 La Catastrophe, Oct-Dec 2004 (article on the Scipio)


F. Forgeries/reprints etc

Note: Many of the books and articles listed above also contain details about forgeries etc, but those listed below deal specifically with them.

F.1 Album Weeds, from Billig vol. 24, pp. 183-187. Covers issues of 1875,1876, 1879-80, 1882-4, á percevoir
F.2 Persia, Notes on the Detection of the Reprints, 1891-1915, R. H. Douglas, Philatelic Journal of Great Britain, May 1932, pp.95-98, July 1932, pp. 134-6, Feb 1933 pp.34-36
F.3 Pitfalls of Iranian Philately, A.J. Ultee, article in American Philatelist, February 1983
F.4 Distinguishing the Forgeries and Reprints of Iran, Sadri, 1997 (4pp)
F.5 Francois Fournier, R.A. Rimonis, Gibbons Stamp Monthly, August 2005, (6pp)
F.6 The Yucatan Affair, Gordon H. Torrey, American Philatelic Society Inc, Persia Section (on De Thuin’s Forgeries)
F.7 Forgeries and Reprints of Early Iran, G. Migliavacca, Article in The Philatelic Exporter, July 1993: (2pp)


G. Thematic

G.1 The Art of Islam, Alif Bin Hamza, Philatelic Magazine, March 1977. pp.434-5, 455
G.2 Oil on Stamps, Artcile in BP Shield Magazine, 1969
G.3 Persian Poets and Writers, Eric P. Anderson, SPA Journal, May 1969, pp. 553-6. Rudaki, Saadi, Omar Khayyum, Hafiz, Farabi
G.4 History of Architecture on Stamps, Capt Milton F. Stern, Stamp Collecting 30th Sept 1976, p.333
G.5 Aeroplanes on Stamps: A Checklist, Stamp Collecting, February to June 1971. (19pp)
G.6 The Queen of Sheba, Article in The Ethiopian Philatelist


H. Non-Philatelic

H.1 Under Five Shahs, General Hassan Arfa, 1964, 457pp. hardback
H.2 Extracts from Brief Notes containing Historical and Other Information Connected with the Province of Oman; Muskat and the adjoining Country; the Islands of Bahrein, Ormus, Kishm, and Karrack and other places and ports in the Persian Gulf; Prepared in the Year 1818 Captain Robert Taylor
H.3 The Islands and Coasts of the Persian Gulf, The United Service Journal and Naval Military Magazine. 1868
H.4 Wassmuss Der Deutsche Lawrence (in Gothic German script)
H.5 The Feast of Noruz
H.6 Iran Air Summer Timetable 1970 (booklet)
H.7 Hints for Exporters: Iran, article in Sales Engineering Magazine, 1976
H.8 Iran, A Selected and Annotated Bibliography, H.F. Farman, Library of Congress, 1951 (Reprinted 1968)
H.9 Sovereigns No. 11. H.I.M. The Shah of Persia (Nasser-Ed-Din Shah) (photocopy, date unknown, but written in the present tense!)
H.10 Persian Peregrination, article in Gibbons Stamp Monthly, July 1971
H.11 When I worked in Persia, U.A.Strubb, date unknown
H.12 The Royal Navy in the Caspian Sea 1918-1920, 11pp
H.13 Tales of Sub-Lieutenant Ilyin, pp116-137 “The Taking of Enzeli”
H.14 The Royal Navy in the Caspian Sea 1918-1920, Internet Article: J.Guard (10pp)
H.15 Royalty of the World, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran, W. Silvester, Global Stamp News.
H.16 Plight of the Poles, Daily Mail cutting, July 2006
H.17 Iran Almanac and Book of Facts, 1972
H.18 The Iranian, March 2001, A.R. Begli Beigie, Repeating Mistakes, Britain, Iran and the 1919 Treaty (14pp)
H.19 The Iranian, February 1999, C. Ghani, The self-made king, with a little help from the British (8pp)
H.20 The Iranian, July 2000, C. Kadivar, Our best bet, tea with the former British Ambassador to Iran
H.21 The Iranian, September 2000, S. Mahdavi, All about money, the birth of Iran’s modern monetary system (9pp)
H.22 The Iranian, 1997, A. Ashraf, Conspiracy theories and the Persian mind (5pp)
H.23 The Iranian, 1997, My wife, please?
H.24 The Lion and Sun of Persia: A Foreign Medal Awarded to a British Officer, Internet article, P Duckers
H.25 The Lion and Sun, brief article, source and date unknown
H.26 Ancient Iran c.3000BC-AD 642, British Museum, Dept of Western Asiatic Antiquities
H.27 The Graphic, June 1885 (copy) Persia illustrated
H.28 (As above?) Appendix. Some Notes on Travel in Persia
H.29 Events in Persia-Iran, Rev. L.L. Tann, Stamp Collecting, May 1979
H.30The Pahlavi Dynasty Genealogy, Internet article, C. Buyers, (9 pp)
H.31 Carter and the fall of the Shah, article in The Washington Quarterly, 1980, Ledeen and Lewis
H.32 Forgotten Empire, the World of Ancient Persia, British Museum Guide: (2005-06)
H.33 Lords of the Mountains, A Brief Survey of the Principal Tribes of Iran, M-T Ullens de Schooten, Travel Book Club
H.34 The Mail on Sunday, August 1996, Article on Caviar from the Caspian
H.35 The English Amongst the Persians, Chapter 12 World War I and the End of an Era (8pp)