NY 2016 World Stamp Show

IPSC had a great showing at the NY 2016 World Stamp Show. Here are the results:


  • M. Farahbakhsh, Early Lions, Gold
  • A. Nanjee, Postal history of the British & Qajar 1857-1924, Large Vermeil
  • Behruz Nassre, 1902 Provisional Typeset Issue, Large Vermeil
  • T. Shahrokh, A Study of Native Postmarks 1876-1926, Large Vermeil
  • K. Joe Youssefi, Classic Persia 1865-1882, Gold
  • Bjorn Sohrne, Russian-Persian Inter Postal Relations, Gold
  • Akthem Al-Manaseer, The 'In British Occupation' Provisionals of Baghdad and Mosul, Gold (and special prize)

April 2016 Cherrystone Auction

The upcoming April 2016 Cherrystone auction has some wonderful Iran material. it is worth checking out:



Bulletin 200

February 2016 Bulletin 200 is now available in the member's only section of the web site:

4246 Next Meeting and Meetings for 2016
4246 Minutes of the meeting held on Saturday 5th December 2015
4247 POSTE TOKO, by Bjorn Sohrne
4252 Why Collect Iran?, by Jeremy Stone
4255 A cover from Dogubeyazit, by Nigel Gooch
4256 Tehran Charity Tax Issues, by Behruz Nassre
4259 A problem cover from Neyshapour/Nichapour, by Mano Amarloui
4260 The 1958 8 Rials Aerogramme, by Bernard Lucas
4263 New Year Greeting Cards, by Farzin Mossavar-Rahmani
4267 Two Vickers “Vimy” covers, by Salman Qureshi
4269 A high value insured money packet, by Christopher Miller
4270 An Interesting Diversion?, by Nigel Gooch
4271 Some unlisted postmarks, by Mehdi Esmaili
4272 Parcel Tags, by Robert Jack

Illustrated Postmarks of Iran 1876-1924

The Illustrated postmarks of Iran 1876 - 1924 is now updated (version 2.5) and availble for download.

This revision was made possible thanks to the readers who provided new information and additional scans of their covers.

This update comprises of the following:

1: Added Bayazid postmark (very rare) on the1884 cover from Turkey to Tabriz via Bayazid (courtesy of Mr. Ali Uzbek)
2: Added new unlisted postmarks; i.e. Hendjan, Sarpole, Hidedj-Khorramdareh, Kharameh, etc..
3: many drawings have been replaced with scans of the original postmarks.
4: The dates ‘earliest’  and ‘ latest’  are updated per information received from readers and Iran Philatelic Study Circle members.
5: added additional imitation and counterfeit postmarks.
6: updated Glossary 

For those who have already obtained a copy of the book, the best way to update (which is free) is to delete the copy you have in your iBook library and download the new version.

iBook store link:  Store Link



APS AmeriStamp Expo 2016

IPSC members had a very strong showing at this year's APS AmeriStamp Expo.

we had 3 exhibit in the single frame champion of champion competition all of there received Prix d'Honneur:

  • The First Postal Cards of Persia - Behruz Nassre-Esfahani
  • Bushire Under British Occupation - K. Joe Youssefi
  • India Postal Agencies in Persia (1864-1923) - K. Joe Youssefi

This was the first time we had more than one Iran related exhibit in C of C competition.

In open competition, we had two entries and the results were:

  • Persia: The Charity Tax Issues of 1918-1921 by Behruz Nassre-Esfahani  received Gold
  • Persia: Influences and Interventions of Foreign Powers (1812 - 1880) by K. Joe Youssefi received Vermeil