APS AmeriStamp Expo 2016

IPSC members had a very strong showing at this year's APS AmeriStamp Expo.

we had 3 exhibit in the single frame champion of champion competition all of there received Prix d'Honneur:

  • The First Postal Cards of Persia - Behruz Nassre-Esfahani
  • Bushire Under British Occupation - K. Joe Youssefi
  • India Postal Agencies in Persia (1864-1923) - K. Joe Youssefi

This was the first time we had more than one Iran related exhibit in C of C competition.

In open competition, we had two entries and the results were:

  • Persia: The Charity Tax Issues of 1918-1921 by Behruz Nassre-Esfahani  received Gold
  • Persia: Influences and Interventions of Foreign Powers (1812 - 1880) by K. Joe Youssefi received Vermeil

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